Dog Walking

60 min Walk - £8.00 (£12.00 for 2 dogs)

30 min Walk - £6.00 (£10.00 for 2 dogs)

All our walks are specifically designed to the needs of your dog. They are located in dog safe areas and never consist of a pack more than four. After each walk your dog will return relaxed, will be watered and dried.

Home Visits

30 min Pet Visit - £6.00

A great service for all animals who need daytime attention, toilet breaks or comforting. Rabbits, Hamsters, Reptiles, Fish, Birds, Cats and Dogs All Catered for!


Prices from £15 to £40+

All our grooming is carried out by our professional groomer and include Grooming Bathing and Clipping. Prices depend on the size of dog and condition of it’s coat.

Pet Taxi

£10.00 for local return journeys

(for further distances and customised services please ask)